My goal is to deliver clear and powerful writing that connects with the reader.

   Only with that connection will the message be understood and memorable. 




MJ2 Marketing

The Ohio Masonic Homes

Eagle Publishing 

PH Hydraulics

Drake Beam Morin

The Metz Center

Manufacturing/Engineering:  Writer who generates product marketing materials and expository articles for companies in the electronics, casting, plastics and drilling products industries.
Education:  Former member of the Dublin School Board and strategic planning leader, volunteer with autistic children at the Childhood League Center and tutor for dyslexic children.  

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Malcolm Gladwell wrote,
"The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding.
We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter."

​​When we write merely to convey knowledge, we do no more than add to the clutter. Overwhelmed consumers crave the simplicity of a story that helps them understand, so that the right decision is but a "blink" away.

Having worked side-by-side with physicians, CEOs, engineers, educators, plant workers and managers in every functional area, I understand the different lenses they bring to the reading table. I also understand that nothing brings on the soft thump of the closing laptop or a lob to the wastebasket like stale writing. My aim is to engage, capture and hold fast to these readers until a true understanding of my client's message has taken root.

Margy Rockwood   


Human Resources:  16-year HR manager and consultant, developing 
policy and benefits communications, training and development programs 
and writing/editing company newsletters for my employers and clients.
Mt. Carmel Health Systems 
Ashland Chemical      
General Electric
Mettler Toledo
​Mount St. Joseph University
Hospice of Central Ohio
Epsen Fuller Executive Search


B.A. English Literature, Vanderbilt University

M.A. Labor and Human Resources, The Ohio State University

Medicine:  Student of general and cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, imaging modalities and medical terminology; author of articles on cardiovascular disease, lung cancer treatment, TMJ and sleep apnea.

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Areas of Special Subject Expertise:

DHL (MindsOn)

Upward Brands

Brafton Marketing

Scientific Columbus  

The Crane Group ​

Barneby & Sutcliffe  ​
NEX Transport
J.E. Grote